The "Argovia" Museum of History, Archeology and Natural Environment is the appropriate tool for the safeguarding, dissemination and conservation of the cultural and natural heritage of the northern coffee-growing region of Tapachula, through sections we can know part of the history of our municipality.

This museum will be a fundamental piece to reaffirm the path traced in the new era of Argovia, supporting not only human development with its new techniques, technologies and commercial and service products, but also the social development of our community. And it is above all a well-deserved recognition of the knowledge of the inhabitants that make Argovia a place full of history and tradition, which is worth preserving and spreading.

You'll find:

• Orographic, hydrological, floristic and fauna maps.

• Soil and mineral samples (rocks: granite, igneous, intrusive, etc.)

• Lithography: photos, old maps, bibliographic citations.

Apparatus for measuring humidity, degrees centigrade, etc.

It consists of several sections and each section represents the aspects that characterize “Finca Argovia”: The Geographical section, the archaeological section, the natural environment section and the XIX century section.